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  • What is the adoption process?
    Contact me by email to ask any questions on specific litters and which picks are available. Fill out the puppy application once you have decided to reserve a puppy. Place a deposit of $200 to reserve your spot to choose from a certain litter. Wait for the puppies to arrive! You will be notified by email and we will ask for a $300 deposit, with the remainder of the adoption fee of $1000 to be paid on pickup. Total Price is $1500. You will receive a scheduled time to visit or have a zoom call and choose your puppy at the 4-5-week mark. Receive a call or email when your puppy is ready for pick-up.
  • What is included with the puppy?
    A beautiful, well socialized, well rounded puppy that is eager to take on the world. First shots and vet checks. Our contact and support, we love to hear how our puppies are and answer questions that arise. Sample of food.
  • How much exercise to Golden Retrievers need?
    Because golden retrievers are so social, they often prefer to stay indoors and hang out with their families as opposed to spending time outdoors alone. So whether your home is large or small you're going to have to make sure there is plenty of room for your golden to move around. Walks should last between 45 and 60 minutes once or twice a day, depending on your schedule. If your dog is well-trained, comes when called and stays close by your side, you can let them of the leash to walk at the park if allowed.
  • How much sleep does a Golden Retriever need?
    Adult Golden retrievers tend to spend more time asleep (up to 12 hours a day) than many other dog breeds because they are big dogs and expend a lot of energy. You can expect your Golden retriever puppy to sleep much more than that! It is not uncommon for a new Golden puppy to sleep between 18 and 20 hours each day. When your new puppy is awake, it is burning a lot of energy, as they are always on the move! They are also growing a lot during this time, which requires plenty of sleep. So don’t be concerned if your Golden retriever pup is sleeping a lot, it is perfectly normal at this stage of development.
  • How long does it take to train a Golden Retriever puppy?
    It takes 18-24 months to fully train a Golden Retriever puppy, based on their stages of growth and maturity. At 7-8 weeks you can begin training your Golden to socialize, not bite, and relieve himself outside. By six-months, your Golden Retriever puppy should be learning basic commands, like ‘sit’ and ‘stay.’ Up until they’re six months, it’s best to focus on basic behavior training such as, socialization, leash training, potty training, and training not to bite. At six to eighteen months if not introduced yet, this is an excellent chance to train your dog on simple commands like sit, stay, fetch, drop, retrieve, etc. At this stage, their exercise needs are also very high. Hence, in addition to their obedience training, it helps incorporate other fun activities.
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